Welcome to BuyShared!

Ready to experience the true power of performance SSD Web Hosting? Upgrade today to BuyShared, and see why people from all over the world are making the switch. SSD storage is much faster than traditional spinning hard drives, up to several hundred times faster.

BuyShared? You probably recognize us. We are the people behind the popular BuyVM.

At BuyShared We Promise:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Fast Account Setup
  • 1 Hour Ticket Response Time
  • Nightly Backups
  • High Performance SSD cPanel Web Hosting
  • 99.99% Network and Service Uptime
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates!

Your data is safe with us!

BuyShared cares about customers and the privacy of their accounts. We use data centers proven to be reasonable in dealing with complaints, DMCA requests and other privacy piercing inquiries. We go the extra distance to protect you from hackers, social engineers, and government overreach.

For extra privacy protection select our Roost, Luxembourg, location where your privacy is a national priority and further protected by laws.


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